We are inclusive. In a meaningful way

It smelled like teen spirit for KNOTWEAR the past few weeks where we showed our appreciation to glam "Temasek Hall Lush 2021", one of its largest annual freshman orientation projects. 

KNOTWEAR was recently invited by Temasek Hall, the National University of Singapore to embark on a sponsorship collaboration with them to be the official women's casual wear sponsor. 

When we received news from Temasek Hall about a potential sponsorship for the said event, we were humbled by their choice as this shows that our fashion apparels aligned with the spirit of this event of encouraging women to be confident, spontaneous, free and inclusive. 

We are pleased to know that through our exquisite clothes, these young women also had a chance to celebrate fashion and to pursue their dreams of participating in a pageant that showcases their confidence and talents. 

We are exhilarated that the event was a success and we have also inspired the participants in the process. We further hope more women will be able to embrace positive self-image by enhancing confidence, youthfulness and natural beauty from within when wearing KNOTWEAR's line of fashionable apparels. 

Not another face-value pageant 

With a platform to showcase young women's broad range of qualities, we see school pageants as a way for them to pursue their life goals, be it educationally or professionally. This can also be seen as a way for students to bond through relationship-building activities and inspiring women to have more confidence and self-belief. 

Events like these will continue to excite us as we believe such events are a positive platform to continue empowering young women to exude confidence, be more vocal, and showcase their talents. These events also teach women to be less conscious about their outer appearances but to be more proactive in showcasing their personalities, attributes and talents.

KNOTWEAR also took this opportunity to celebrate fashion by inspiring the participants with our line of apparel which further helps them to bring out their innate beauty and confidence. We hope to continue working with women of all ages by bringing out their better selves, for years to come. 

To further amplify our commitment to fostering inclusiveness and empowering women within the company and beyond, we will be welcoming you to invite us to be a part of your event. 

For sponsorship matters, do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@knotwear.sg

Issa Cut Crop Top KNOTWEAR

Top: Issa Cut Crop Top
Bottom: Rosetti Tapered Linen Pants

Olivia Organic Bamboo Crop Top
Top: Olivia Organic Bamboo Crop Top
Bottom: Lyla Soft Knitted Skirt

Champagne Tied Tube Top KNOTWEAR

Top: Champagne Tied Tube Top
Bottom: Berlin Organic Bamboo Lounge Pants

Queenie Slant Shoulder Top KNOTWEAR
Top: Queenie Slant Shoulder Top
Bottom: Rosetti Tapered Linen Pants